What Will cotten schmidt Be Like in 100 Years?


I believe that anyone who believes that there is only one way to do something is in fact just a crazy person. The real question is, “Do we have the will or the desire to continue in that way? If the answer is yes, then you are doing it right.

As for the will and desire to continue, it is probably a good idea to have a few more of those. The question is, are you willing to do what it takes to get where you are in life? I think we can all agree that there are lots of ways to get there, but if you want to accomplish that, then you need to find a way to get there.

I don’t know how you can actually accomplish something if you don’t know what it is you want to accomplish. I mean, I want to be a good chef, but if I don’t know what I want to do with that degree of competency, I don’t know if I’m even qualified to be a chef.

I think what’s important to remember here is that one of the best ways to get to your goal is to get there first. You can accomplish a lot of things if you have that “I just need to get to where I am to realize I have accomplished something,” attitude. You don’t have to prove that you’re a good cook and you have a degree to achieve your goal.

It’s very common for people to give up on their dreams because they’ve just gotten past a point where they are getting discouraged, and have set themselves up on a path that doesn’t seem to be going in their direction. They can take a step back, think about what they are doing, and say to themselves, “well, maybe if I just kept at it that way, I could get anywhere.

You should know better than to say that youre a good cook and you have a degree to accomplish your goal. This is probably the reason why it’s so popular to give up on your dreams and set up a path that doesnt seem to be going in your direction.

If you want to get really good at something, it helps to have a plan. In this case, the plan is to make a million bucks by selling your services or products to an online video game store (like YouTube or Hulu) and then get yourself a fancy new car. But I think it’s important to look at plan as a tool, and not the end all. You should know that it takes time to find the right plan.

I was thinking a lot about plan last night. I’m still trying to figure out a plan that I can stick by, so I’m not going to get into anything too hard again. But I do think there’s a big difference between a plan and a plan of action. You’re going to have to do something, even if it’s something you’re not sure you’re capable of.

Plan is a tool, a way to make the game. Plan of action is a way to make it happen. If you want to win a game, you have to pick a plan, and you have to stick to it.

Im not saying that plan is not important, Im just not sure that its as important as just trying to win the game. And I think it is, but I think we need to take better care of ourselves when we do that.

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