Exploring Chiranjeevi’s Classic Hits: Old Songs Mp3 Download


Chiranjeevi, the megastar of Telugu cinema, has been an iconic figure in the Indian film industry for several decades. His contributions to the world of cinema, especially in the realm of music and dance, have left an indelible mark on fans worldwide. One of the many aspects that have endeared fans to Chiranjeevi over the years is his remarkable performances in classic hit songs that continue to be popular even today. In this article, we will delve into some of Chiranjeevi’s classic hit songs and explore where to download old songs mp3 for those looking to relive the magic of yesteryears.

Chiranjeevi: The Megastar of Telugu Cinema

Chiranjeevi, also known as “Mega Star”, is a beloved actor who has acted in numerous blockbuster films in Telugu cinema. Known for his versatility as an actor and his exceptional dancing skills, Chiranjeevi has captivated audiences with his charismatic screen presence. Through his career, he has delivered many memorable performances, often accompanied by chart-topping songs that have become timeless classics.

Chiranjeevi’s Classic Hit Songs

1. “Golimaar” from the movie “Dongaa”

This high-energy song features Chiranjeevi showcasing his amazing dance moves. The peppy music and catchy lyrics make it a favorite among fans even today.

2. “Bangaru Kodipetta” from the movie “Gharana Mogudu”

A chartbuster song that became a sensation upon its release, “Bangaru Kodipetta” showcases Chiranjeevi’s unparalleled dance prowess, coupled with catchy beats that make it a must-listen.

3. “Amalapuram Bulloda” from the movie “Khaidi No.786”

An iconic song that perfectly highlights Chiranjeevi’s style and charm, “Amalapuram Bulloda” remains a favorite among fans who appreciate his unique dance style.

4. “Vana Vana Velluvaaye” from the movie “Gang Leader”

A romantic song that tugs at the heartstrings, “Vana Vana Velluvaaye” features Chiranjeevi in a different light, showcasing his versatility as an actor who can excel in various genres.

Where to Download Chiranjeevi’s Old Hit Songs Mp3?

For fans looking to revisit Chiranjeevi’s classic hit songs and download them in mp3 format, there are several online platforms where one can find a treasure trove of nostalgic melodies. Some popular websites and apps include:

  • Wynk Music App
  • JioSaavn
  • Amazon Music

These platforms offer a wide selection of Chiranjeevi’s old hit songs that can be downloaded in mp3 format for offline listening or to create personalized playlists dedicated to the megastar. Fans can rediscover the magic of Chiranjeevi’s timeless songs and enjoy a trip down memory lane by listening to these evergreen hits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are Chiranjeevi’s old hit songs still popular today?

Answer: Yes, Chiranjeevi’s classic hit songs continue to be popular among fans of Telugu cinema, with many tracks still enjoying a cult following.

2. Can I find Chiranjeevi’s old hit songs on music streaming platforms?

Answer: Yes, platforms like Gaana, Saavn, and JioSaavn host a collection of Chiranjeevi’s old hit songs that can be streamed or downloaded in mp3 format.

3. Are Chiranjeevi’s songs available for free download?

Answer: While some platforms offer select songs for free download, others may require a subscription or one-time purchase to access the complete library.

4. How can I create a playlist of Chiranjeevi’s old hit songs?

Answer: Most music streaming platforms allow users to create custom playlists by selecting their favorite songs, including Chiranjeevi’s classic hits.

5. Are there any Chiranjeevi’s greatest hits compilations available for download?

Answer: Yes, fans can find curated collections or greatest hits compilations of Chiranjeevi’s songs on various music platforms for download.

In conclusion, Chiranjeevi’s classic hit songs have left an indelible mark on the hearts of fans, with their timeless melodies and memorable performances. By exploring platforms that offer old songs mp3 downloads, enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the nostalgia of yesteryears and celebrate the enduring legacy of the megastar through his music.

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