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How many dispensaries in michigan?


There are currently over 97 licensed dispensaries in Michigan, and they have been authorized to open as many as they want. The state’s medical marijuana program allows patients to purchase cannabis in retail locations, with the ability to buy up t0 2.5 ounces per day; however, there is not a single place for patients to legally consume it at home or on the go.

This situation is about to change with a brand new law signed into effect in July of this year. The new plan will allow dispensaries across the state of Michigan, including Detroit and Grand Rapids. Where most Michiganders reside, to provide cannabis consumption lounges that can be either attached or standalone facilities. So that people can freely purchase medicinal marijuana without committing a crime.

What is the requirement for the open dispensaries in Michigan?

The rules are very different between each city in Michigan. However, they all have similar requirements that must be follow to operate a dispensary:

  • The dispensary must be at least 1,000 feet away from schools; 
  • Dispensaries must not be within 500 feet of an existing medical cannabis facility operating under the previous program; 
  • Marijuana can only be sold to “qualifying” patients who are one year and older; 
  • The maximum amount of marijuana that can be sold from each location is 2.5 ounces every two weeks.
  • Dispensaries must not be within 2,000 feet of a daycare center, public park, school, or anywhere else minors gather; 
  • To apply for a license, applicants must be Michigan residents who live within 50 miles of the proposed dispensary location and have been a resident for two or more years;

Here are the top 5 dispensaries in Michigan?

1. Green Cure – East Lansing, MI

Green Cure is a full-service medical cannabis dispensary in East Lansing, Michigan. They are the only dispensary in East Lansing and conveniently near Michigan State University. Green Cure also has a very helpful on-site budtender who is there to help patients in need. Green Cure provides an array of strains and edibles to choose from, and they allow their customers to purchase up to 2.5 ounces every two weeks.

2. MariMed – Detroit, MI

Located in Downtown Detroit at the intersection of East Grand River and East Monroe Streets, MariMed is the leading medical cannabis dispensary. Over 3,000 people visit the dispensary each week to purchase over $2 million worth of cannabis every month. Making it one of the highest-grossing dispensaries in Michigan. MariMed has a wide variety of flowers, edibles, and concentrates that they offer in various flavors and strengths. Most importantly, though, they have a very helpful budtender who can help patients choose the best product for their needs.

3. Detroit Green Room – Detroit, MI

The Detroit Green Room is located in Downtown Detroit at East Grand River and East Monroe Streets, near MariMed Dispensary (Detroit). The indoor dispensary doesn’t have an open-air option like other dispensaries in Michigan do. Still, they are open every day from noon to midnight so that people can come anytime. The dispensary offers a wide variety of strains that include CBD flowers on the menu and edibles and concentrates.

4. Green Bridge Medical – Grand Rapids, MI

Green Bridge Medical is not only a full-service medical cannabis dispensary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s also a resource center where patients can learn all they need to know about medical marijuana. Because They provide free seminars every week that are open to the public and bring in multiple experts in the medical marijuana industry, including growers and extractors. The dispensary is located near Kalamazoo Ave NW and Leonard St SW. They have an outdoor patio where they allow smoking on specific days during their weekly hours from noon until 8 p.m.

5. Mitten Med – Ann Arbor, MI

Mitten Med is a genuinely unique dispensary because they not only sell medical marijuana, they allow patients to rent a space and grow their own medicine. It has multiple group events each month where people can come in and learn everything about cannabis cultivation in Michigan. Even if you are not intereste in growing your own medicine. So, Attendees will receive instructions on properly growing from experienced growers at the event! The dispensary has over 32 strains with different terpene counts for different types of pain and illnesses that can be cure with cannabis-based medicines.

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