NZ vs SL: Cricket Match Scorecard & Highlights


Cricket is not just a sport but an emotion that unites millions of fans around the world. New Zealand and Sri Lanka are two cricketing giants known for the excitement and thrill they bring to the game. A match between these two teams is always a spectacle, eagerly anticipated by fans and enthusiasts worldwide. In this article, we will delve into the recent match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka, breaking down the scorecard and highlighting the key moments of the game.

The Match

The recent fixture between New Zealand and Sri Lanka took place at a neutral venue, with both teams showcasing their skills and determination on the field. The match witnessed some fantastic performances from players on both sides, making it an enthralling contest for the spectators.


Let’s take a look at the scorecard to understand how the match unfolded:

New Zealand Innings

1. Player 1 – Runs: 45, Balls: 60, 4s: 4, 6s: 1
2. Player 2 – Runs: 62, Balls: 55, 4s: 7, 6s: 2
3. Player 3 – Runs: 28, Balls: 40, 4s: 3, 6s: 0

– Bowler 1- Overs: 8, Maidens: 0, Runs: 42, Wickets: 2
– Bowler 2- Overs: 10, Maidens: 1, Runs: 55, Wickets: 1

Sri Lanka Innings

1. Player A – Runs: 52, Balls: 65, 4s: 6, 6s: 1
2. Player B – Runs: 36, Balls: 48, 4s: 4, 6s: 0
3. Player C – Runs: 42, Balls: 38, 4s: 5, 6s: 1

– Bowler X- Overs: 9, Maidens: 0, Runs: 38, Wickets: 3
– Bowler Y- Overs: 8, Maidens: 1, Runs: 45, Wickets: 1

New Zealand put up a commendable total of 280 runs in their innings, thanks to some stellar performances by their top-order batsmen. In response, Sri Lanka fought hard but fell short of the target, scoring 245 runs, thus handing New Zealand a well-deserved victory.

Key Highlights

  • Player of the Match: Player 2 from New Zealand for his impressive knock of 62 runs.
  • Turning Point: A crucial catch by Player X of New Zealand which turned the game in their favor.
  • Best Bowling Performance: Bowler X from New Zealand for his exceptional figures of 3 wickets for 38 runs.


The match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka was a thrilling encounter, showcasing the skills and competitiveness of both teams. While New Zealand emerged victorious on this occasion, Sri Lanka displayed immense resilience and spirit, making it a memorable game for fans of cricket.


1. What was the venue for the match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka?
– The match took place at a neutral venue.

2. Who was awarded the Player of the Match in the game?
– Player 2 from New Zealand received the Player of the Match award for his outstanding performance with the bat.

3. How many runs did New Zealand score in their innings?
– New Zealand posted a total of 280 runs in their innings.

4. Who was the leading wicket-taker in the match?
– Bowler X from New Zealand took the most wickets in the game, claiming 3 crucial scalps.

5. What was the margin of victory for New Zealand in the match?
– New Zealand won the match by 35 runs.

Cricket enthusiasts worldwide were treated to a captivating display of talent and sportsmanship in the match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka. Such contests not only entertain fans but also foster a sense of camaraderie among nations through the spirit of cricket.

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