9 Types of Sunglasses You Must Try


Sunglasses are an essential accessory for summer; thus, all handsome men should get a new pair soon. Men’s Sunglasses are in many different styles, each with a unique combination of frame and lens materials. Sunglasses for men come in various shapes and sizes, from the traditional aviator and round to the more eccentric Clubmaster.

Sunglasses’ functions extend well beyond that of only shielding the eyes. The right pair of shoes may completely transform your ensemble and establish your style. There are so many options when shopping for anything new that it’s fair to feel a little overwhelmed. For your convenience, we have gathered a selection of guys’ most popular and timeless sunglasses designs.

Wingtip Sunglasses

The first aviators were created to shield the eyes of pilots during flight. Aviators have evolved from a practical safety accessory to a style must-have in recent years. The thin metal frames and mirrored lenses give these vintage eyeglasses an instantly recognisable retro style. Because of their versatility and durability, aviators have become a classic accessory.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Taking their cue from the success of aviators, wayfarers were an instant phenomenon when they were introduced to the fashion world. They have a more contemporary lens shape than traditional metal frames, making them a good alternative for those looking to make the transition. Wayfarers are characterised by a square shape with rounded corners, giving them an informal air.

Round Sunglasses

John Lennon, the most well-known member of The Beatles, is credited with popularising round sunglasses, which are again in vogue and a need for any hip festival goer. Round glasses with thin frames evoke an antique look, while broader frames are more in keeping with today’s fashion.

Clubmaster Sunglasses

Clubmasters are easily distinguishable from other models because of their distinctive frames. Commonly, the frame rests on the upper part of the lens and does not extend to cover the lower half. These sunglasses, sometimes known as browline sunglasses, were all the rage in the ’50s and ’60s. While oval frames aren’t as flashy as other forms, they’re an excellent option if you want to mix up your wardrobe.

Spectacles with a Wrap

These men’s sunglasses, sometimes known as shield sunglasses, are popular among athletes because of their protection. Both their form and function are tailor-made for dynamic people. Wrap sunglasses get their name from how their frames wrap around the wearer’s head, blocking light from all sides while maximising peripheral vision. Athletes and sports fans universally choose these models of sunglasses.

Frameless Square Sunglasses

Sunglasses with a square frame are convenient, timeless, and, most of all, mysterious. Recognised for their adaptability, they are widely used in many different contexts. Square sunglasses are universally flattering because of their angles and structure to any face shape, but they are especially great for individuals with round features.

Round-shaped Eyewear

Oval frames look rounded but broader than tall, covering the entire eye and providing excellent UV protection. No of the dress code, oval lenses never appear out of place, and they stand out when set in more significant, monochromatic frames. These oval sunglasses will give you that carefree, sophisticated style every time.

Rectangular Sunglasses

Softening the sharp edges of square frames, rectangles are another popular choice. Their thinner profile and ability to direct attention inward make them an excellent choice for those with elongated or lengthy features. They come in various looks, from antique to casual to athletic.

Hexagonal Sunglasses

Polarised sunglasses with a hexagonal frame are a modern twist on the classic round or square style. If you want to make a fashion statement and seem fresh, then the modern style is the way to go.

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