Things You Need To Know About Orthokeratology


The cornea can be reshaped with the use of orthokeratology lenses, which are specialised gas-permeable lenses. The person wears the lenses while they sleep, and when they take them out in the morning, they can see clearly without glasses or contacts. Ortho-K lenses are effective for treating myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. In case you were wondering, here are seven details concerning corneal reshaping and Ortho-K lenses that you probably didn’t know.

Orthokeratology lenses have been around for a while.

Though orthokeratology lenses may seem novel now, their usage dates back to the 1940s, when doctors learned that a particular type of glass contact lens could alter the cornea’s curvature. Over the next few decades, the procedure kept getting more popular, and in the 1990s, it took off. Gas-permeable lenses and software for measuring the shape of the cornea are just two examples of the many technological advances in this field.

Orthokeratology is one of the most effective ways to stop young people with myopia from getting worse.

Myopia has reached epidemic proportions.

Over a billion individuals worldwide have myopia, making it a significant public health issue. Age, spending less time outside, and spending more time in front of a screen are all things that could cause the world’s population to grow to over 5 billion by 2050. For almost two decades, ortho-K lenses have been among the most successful therapies. Myopia is increasing in prevalence; hence, people everywhere must access effective treatments. Due to this worldwide pandemic, orthokeratology is increasingly vital for treating and preventing myopia.

There may be side effects that last longer than a day.

For the best results, patients should sleep in their lenses, but the effects usually last longer than a day. Orthokeratology lenses worn overnight typically result in clear eyesight lasting for two days. The lenses may be worn throughout the day, but they provide the most comfort when worn at night because of how the cornea is reshaped. Wearing the lenses consistently at night is crucial during the initial stages of reshaping. You may be able to increase the frequency of your treatment as your therapy improves.

It’s not a painful experience.

Corneal reshaping is not painful, despite popular belief. Because the reconfiguration didn’t happen due to any squeezing or “squishing.” Instead, hydraulic pressure is responsible for it. To temporarily fix problems with the shape of the cornea, the lens makes a dome of fluid over the eye. It causes some parts of the eye to absorb more fluid than others.

It’s great for kids.

Almost everybody may benefit from orthokeratology lenses, but they work exceptionally well for kids. Because of the risk of permanent visual impairment, LASIK surgery is not recommended for anyone under the age of 21. Orthokeratology lenses, however, can be incredibly effective for children who don’t want to wear glasses. Most people now agree that this is the best way to help kids with myopia, and it is likely to become the new standard of care. People who need their eyesight fixed but can’t wear glasses or contacts, like pilots, police officers, or athletes, are also good candidates.

Fittings usually need many appointments.

For the best results with orthokeratology lenses, it may require several visits to the eye doctor. Most fittings take several weeks and require more than one set of temporary lenses to get the best fit. Using this method guarantees a perfect match and outstanding performance.

The Orthokeratology Programme is not covered by insurance.

Most vision insurance plans do not cover orthokeratology lenses because they are deemed cosmetic. However, most patients agree that this treatment’s benefits outweigh the price. If you consider that Ortho-K lenses may correct your vision such that you don’t need glasses or contacts throughout the day, you can see why so many people select them despite the cost.

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